F3Studio for Calistri Giacinto

Drafting technical manuals for nautical components: watertight hatches, gangways and garage handling systems for superyacht.

Calistri Giacinto

Calistri was founded in 1950 by Giacinto Calistri. With the third generation, the company entered the maritime industry and over time began to focus on products that were more complex and integrated into the design of its customers’ yachts.
In recent years, the company has incorporated the design and assembly of electrical panels for its handling systems.

Calisti’s product range include watertight doors, gangways, stainless steel accessories and garage handling systems.

Benetti Motopanfilo

Calistri contacted F3Studio to produce the technical manuals regarding the hydraulic equipment installed on board of the 37m Benetti Motopanfilo.
The 37m Motopanfilo is contradistinguished by modern lines, but at the same time anchored in Benetti’s long tradition, this is the contemporary version of the 1960s-era Motopanfilo.

Francesco Struglia designed the exteriors of this boat, while Lazzarini & Pickering took care of the interiors.


This yacht was outfitted with a variety of equipment manufactured by Calistri Giacinto, including a gangway, tender and jet ski hauling devices, stern and garage hatches and the garage handling equipment.

What F3Studio did: the modular structure of the operation and maintenance manual.

F3Studio was responsible for drafting the operation and maintenance manual for the components supplied by Calistri to Benetti.

Having worked directly with many shipyards, and drafted the operating manuals of many superyachts ( discover more reading this case study ) F3Studio was able to draft manuals that met the high standard of quality required by a prestigious shipyard like Benetti.

In this case, Calistri Giacinto supplied various components, which is why the manual structure is composed of several modules that allows each part to be easily reused.


F3Studio’s goal was to create a manual that could be easily adapted to new supplies and make sure that, even in the case of replacing some of its chapters, all current regulations would be respected.


The user manual opens with an introduction in which the warranty conditions and the limitations and proper conditions of use are reminded. These are accompanied by graphic notes that point out, as required by European directives, the need to pay special attention to potential dangers and warnings.


The supply description identifies the various components and their location.
This section is essential to help operators to identify and access the components during the maintenance operations.

Emergency procedures. Electrical and hydraulic systems.

Special care has been taken to draft procedures to be able to maneuver equipment even in emergency situations, like after a damage to the electrical or hydraulic system.

These procedures are essential to be able to comply with the requirements of the classification bodies and the applicable regulations.

The equipment provided (hatches, jet ski and tender hauling devices) are components for which it is necessary to be able to guarantee their
maneuverability and watertightness even under extreme circumstances as:

– Damage to the electrical system or control system.
– Black out, interruption of power supply.
– Damage to the hydraulic power unit.
– Damage of the circuit upstream of the control solenoid valve assembly.
– Damage of the circuit downstream of the control solenoid valve assembly.


For each of these eventualities, F3Studio has drafted emergency operation procedures, clearly indicating the function, location, and connection diagrams of each solenoid valve so that the operator can perform the desired operation.

HMI interface

Human Machine Interface (HMI) is done in this case via a touch screen display, which enables system monitoring, manual operation of hydraulic equipment, and some maintenance tasks.

The manual describes the various functions of the interface and how errors and alarms are represented, as well as a description of them.

The gangway

Since the supply includes various elements, there are section of the operation and maintenance manual dedicated to each component, such as the gangway, the watertight hatches, and the hauling devices.


The section devoted to the gangway contains instructions for use and warnings about potential risks from inappropriate use, the overall dimension of the gangway, the descriptions of its subcomponents and the materials used.

It is possible to move the gangway either by means of a push-button control panel, a radio control, or, as we have already seen, by means of manual controls in the event of failure of the automatic system.

The operation and maintenance manual explains all the procedures for activating manual controls.

Beach club and handling systems

The beach club on the 37m Motopanfilo is designed to be a relaxation area. 
Inspired by the motoryacht of the 1960s, which had a classic round-shaped stern, the designers sought to replicate the comfort of that space without sacrificing the convenience of access provided by more modern stern shapes.

The aft hatch conceals the beach club walkable platform, and it is operated by the handling system supplied by Calistri.

The manual shows the positioning of the system components (among them, the actuators and locking systems ) and the procedure for safely creating this unique area. 
As with the gangway, the procedures for moving the hatch in case of emergency have also been described.

In fact, the hatches can be handled through a portable hand pump or in a totally manual manner. 

The side hatch is used to provide access to the
tender and jet skis launching and hauling devices. The sensors on the hatches are necessary to allow proper use of the launching and hauling devices, which cannot be activated until the garage door is fully open.

The last paragraph of the manual indicates the installation, initial commissioning and maintenance procedures, and points out the frequency of the maintenance inspections.



F3Studio has over 20 years of experience in the yachting field.
It specializes in drafting the Operating Manual, the Yacht construction manual, the Inventory of Hazardous Materials, Collecting and cataloging the equipment monographs, drafting and customizing the Solas Training Manuals.

F3Studio also developed Yacht Serv, the interactive ship application that allows the crew to easily consult the technical documentation of the yacht.







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