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JMG Cranes

Founded by Maurizio Manzini in 2007, JMG Cranes is an Italian company specialized in design and manufacturing of full electric mobile battery-operated Pick & Carry Cranes.

JMG Cranes produces its pick & carry cranes by choosing the best components on the market and using the most modern productive processes with respect to the environment. JMG Cranes also designs bespoke cranes to meet specific needs. The producer provides full technical service and spare parts all over the world with one goal: customer’s satisfaction.

All the JMG cranes can guarantee up to 8 non-stop working hours, are compact with high performances, safe, easy to use, made for a long lasting time and low operating costs.

The company contacted F3Studio to draft the operating manuals of three products: the MC 100 HYBRID, the MC 70S and the LIGE 120.

The collaboration with F3Studio has been very productive, and we have been able to improve the quality of our manuals thanks to many useful suggestions.

F3Studio’s assistance has allowed us to expand and detail the section on machine risks, as well as highlight the most important aspect of machine use.

Their work has always been very professional and carried out with the utmost collaboration and competence

Eng. M. Montagna R&D Manager

The three cranes

The MC 100 HY is a self-propelled hybrid crane, with a capacity of 10 T.
It includes a cabin, and it is the largest of the three aforementioned models.
The cab offers direct control of the machine while driving, but you can use the crane even when off the cab by using the external remote controller that offers full control on the crane, the boom and the installed accessories’ movements.

The MC70S is a compact but powerful remote-controlled crane. The boom’s head has an optimised orientation that allows for different use conditions, which makes this crane the ideal solution for rental companies and indoor movers. The MC70S is capable of performing small industrial installations, such as positioning air conditioners and small moulds, as well as industrial maintenance.

The LIGE 120 is designed to guarantee agile performance with utmost precision, even in the tightest spaces. It is the largest model of the LIGE range, and is capable of lifting 12t at a full meter from the shield through its three-element telescopic boom. Hydraulic winch, mechanical jib, fork and telescopic hydraulic jib make this machine, like all those in the LIGE family, versatile for any purpose.

The importance of the technical documentation

It is paramount that the appropriate technical documentation must be available for the operators who will be utilizing the products.
Prior to using the cranes, the operator needs to be made aware of the safety concerns that may arise so that they can be sure to keep themselves out of any danger.

Each crane varies in how far it can reach, as well as the maximum load it can lift, therefore it’s vital that the operator is aware of the limitations of the crane being used.
Many environmental factors need to be considered: which is why the documentation goes into detail regarding the maximum suitable ground inclination, the operating temperatures and maximum wind conditions.

From the safety perspective, the instruction manual is an integral part of the machine and should be read carefully.

In my opinion, F3Studio worked really well. All the modifications requested were carried out very quickly and autonomously. We made several calls to clarify the manuals in order to make them as secure and autonomous as possible.
One aspect I really liked was their autonomy in managing the work and highlighting all the possible risks involved in using our machines and in the procedures for assembling/disassembling accessories and ropes.”
Berin Bosnjakovic, Engineering dept.

What F3Studio has done

Before anything else, F3Studio performed a detailed analysis of the pre-existing documentation to assess its compliance .
Then, F3Studio identified the applicable standards and harmonized rules, along with the requirements of the Machinery Directive, and drafted the operating manuals of the MC 100 HYBRID, the MC 70S and the LIGE 120.

By asking an external reader to provide feedback, critical issues or unclear passages can be identified and then rewritten in a more understandable way.”

The structure of the operating manuals

The manuals begin with a summary which focuses on key areas that should be of most interest to the reader. Some of the key areas include an icon to help the operator easily find the tables and procedures that they may need to refer to more often.

 For example, lifting procedures, safety indications and general maintenance instructions .

 As required by current European directives, F3Studio chose to highlight significant safety information by using different graphics. This ensures immediate identification for the operator as colors are utilized in an intuitive way, ranging from yellow to red. These colors indicate the level of intrinsic danger as well as the magnitude of risk, and the need for adequate precautions to prevent potential problems.

 Within the manual, a table with drawings illustrates the conventional maneuvering signals which can be used to guide the operator who is sitting inside the cabin crane.

F3Studio extensively focused on the description of the safety equipment as well as the procedure for their proper use. The cranes are equipped with fire extinguishers, windbreak hammer, signaling sirens and indicators. Pictograms and safety plates on the machine are explained, and where necessary, F3Studio included some pictures in the manuals to ensure the operator can easily locate the safety device.

The technical documentation also includes cranes specification including dimensions, handling, machine data and power generation system data, along with technical drawings. For the hybrid models, such as the MC100HY, a description of the battery system, generator set and battery charger are included.

In order to operate the crane, it is important that the person in charge of the operation can recognise the key parts to the machine. A description of the most important parts is found within the manual, this includes hooks, tilting head, hydraulic winch and forks, and telescopic arms.

A section of the manual is dedicated to the control commands to instruct the operator on how to operate the machine, as well as a description of the remote control and the human machine interface (HMI), to allow the user to navigate the display.

With the use of large machinery, it’s essential that frequent maintenance and inspections take place to ensure its reliability and safety. One of the most important sections of the manual outlines the preliminary checks that must be performed prior to the use.

Pictures of damaged wires were incorporated into the manual to make sure that the operator is able to recognise and identify a potential point of failure.

Should this occur, the manuals also include a troubleshooting analysis.
The last paragraph of the manuals includes instructions on how to dispose of the machine, to guarantee a safe and risk-free disposal of the crane at the end of its life.

Cranes system remote controlled



F3Studio has over 20 years of experience in a variety of fields, including mechanical industry, machine tool, packaging, marine, lighting technology and luxury goods.

As a cross-industry company, we import best practices from various industries.

For example, the architecture and furnishing industries, which export their products all over the world, have heavily emphasized the visual aspects of communication, reducing the amount of text that must be translated and making the instruction more user-friendly.

In other fields where safety is critical, the emphasis is on checklists and mistake-proofing operations.

Our involvement in various fields has improved our ability to adapt to our customer’s work process in a non-intrusive manner.


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