digital documentation

Digital publishing is one of the most effective solutions for distributing technical documents electronically for consultation via tablets and smartphones.

It is very effective for products traditionally rich in visual content and with an ambitious graphic design, to which a new “layer” is added: interactivity

The advantages are:

  • product documentation is always up-to-date because it is managed centrally
  • product documentation augmented with multimedia content (Augmented Reality)
  • offline consultation of product documentation
  • speed of execution
  • possibility of integrating specially developed functions.

For a list of all the technologies that have failed to improve the quality of life, press 3.

Alice Kahn

QR code

The QR code allows immediate access to content on the web, such as videos, 3D models and galleries.
The QR code can be applied locally on the machine or on paper as an extension of the main document.

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PDF 3d

Acrobat makes it possible to integrate 3D models into PDF documents and create, for example, catalogues for spare parts management.
The advantage is the absolute usability of the files via Acrobat Reader, which is present in all devices, and the protection of industrial property since the PDF by its nature does not contain the mathematics of the 3D model.

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